Our vision is for an Ireland where (Safe and comfortable) babywearing is a common practice.

Our Objectives

Babywearing Ireland aims to:

  • Provide (evidence-based, unbiased) information for anyone who is interested in babywearing or is already using a baby sling or carrier. (BWI believes that caregivers have a right to access education about babywearing that is free from bias or aggressive marketing influences. Our fundraising events do not accept sponsorship from businesses, nor do we promote particular brands or retailers. BWI do not attend events that are sponsored by unethical companies.)

  • Establish and manage a network of sling libraries and meets throughout Ireland (facilitated by experienced volunteers. We are currently rolling out a peer-support training programme and aim to have at least one peer-support trained volunteer in every library by the end of 2016. Our libraries stock a large variety of slings from different brands available in Ireland and Europe to support parents and caregivers in choosing a sling that is most suited to their needs)

  • Promote the safe use of baby slings and carriers (as advocated by leading international medical and evidence-based practice. BWI recommends the use of the TICKS safety guidelines, the M position of the legs and the child facing the parent)

  • Maintain and promote a national (postal) sling library allowing the rental of different types of slings and carriers in all areas of the country (to allow parents and caregivers choose the carrier most suited to their needs)

  • Highlight the role of baby slings in normal child development and emphasise their usefulness as a parenting tool

  • Offer a social space for like-minded parents and caregivers to share their experiences and promote a sense of community at local and national level.)

  • Be a point of contact for journalists and health care providers seeking information about baby slings and the practice of babywearing

Our Values

Babywearing Ireland believes that:

  • Using a baby sling or carrier is compatible with any parenting style or philosophy

  • The practice of using baby slings or carriers, known as babywearing, is beneficial for both children and caregivers. Using a sling creates ease for parents and caregivers, and helps to promote normal physical, emotional and mental development in babies and children

  • Baby slings and carriers are powerful tools for parents and caregivers, helping them meet a baby or child’s needs whilst also carrying out day-to-day activities

  • Baby slings and carriers should be safe and comfortable for both child and caregiver, and can be used for as long as is mutually desired by children and their caregivers

  • Given the right information about the correct use of appropriate slings and carriers, children and caregivers can benefit from the ease, comfort and convenience of babywearing

Babywearing Ireland (BWI) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation offering impartial information about and support for the practice of babywearing and the safe use of baby carriers and slings.

Are you passionate about babywearing and do you have a few hours a month available for some volunteering?

The Babywearing Ireland management team is made up of volunteers. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help promote Babywearing Ireland. We are particularly keen to see new members in areas of Ireland that are not currently represented by our team, so please volunteer to organise a Sling Meet in your area!

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