The Babywearing Ireland committee is made up of volunteers. Who are they?

Run by volunteers

Babywearing Ireland is run entirely by volunteers who give up their time to share their love of babywearing and the benefits it has brought to their own families and communities. Our volunteer committee is comprised of people who love Babywearing Ireland and the work it does. The committee is selected at the annual meeting each year and is open to any current Babywearing Ireland’s volunteers who would like to become more involved.

Our Committee Members

Chairperson: Kimberly Croshaw
Secretary:  Donna Leavy–
Treasurer: Claire Haugh
Volunteer Coordinator: Rosa Corr –
Communications Officer: Donna Leavy –
Wear A Hug Fair Coordinator: vacant
National Librarian: Tania Lawlor –
Ordinary Member: Gillian O’Neill
Any media queries or expressions of interest in sponsorship or collaboration may be emailed to

”Our volunteers are passionate about babywearing and without their help and support we wouldn’t be what we are today ” – Linda, Volunteer Coordinator BWI

Are you passionate about babywearing and do you have a few hours a month available for some volunteering?

The Babywearing Ireland management team is made up of volunteers. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help promote Babywearing Ireland. We are particularly keen to see new members in areas of Ireland that are not currently represented by our team, so please volunteer to organise a Sling Meet in your area!

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