A babywearing consultant can help you wear your baby safely & with confidence

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Sling Consultant

A sling consultant is a person trained to show parents how to safely and comfortably wear their baby in a sling. Most, if not all, sling consultants have worn their own children so will have real life experience wearing babies to add to their professional training. At a consultation you can learn about a variety of different slings and carriers or focus on one particular sling. You will discuss what your needs are with your consultant before the consultation so you both are clear on what you would like to achieve during your consultation.

Babywearing Ireland (BWI) could not continue its current work in the babywearing community without the support, hard work and expertise of trained Babywearing Consultants practicing in Ireland. We are pleased to be able to list these Babywearing Consultants on our website.

All Babywearing Consultants listed here have trained with one of the following babywearing schools; Trageschule UK, Die Trageschule (Germany), Die Trageschule (Ireland), or Slingababy . The consultants listed here should adhere to the Babywearing Consultant Code of Practice. If you have any concerns about a consultants practice please contact Babywearing Ireland.

What happens at a Sling Consultation?
While each consultant will have their own way of running a consultation session, a consultant should help you to feel safe and secure in your choice of sling or carrier.

During a sling consultation you can expect to learn some of the following things:

  • Learn about safe babywearing
  • Learn about the ergonomics of babywearing
  • Learn about different ways to safely carry your baby
  • Learn about the different types of slings available to you
  • Get a demonstration
  • Learn at least one method of wearing your baby from start to finish
  • Further your babywearing knowledge with a new carry or wearing technique
  • Be able to ask questions about slings and babywearing

”I am so happy I booked a sling consultation for myself and my 3 week old – at the end I was happy wrapping her and it felt safe and comfortable”Lisa, mother of Jenny

BWI affiliated consultants by geographic area:


Anja Alt – Kangaroo Babies    

Email: anja@kangaroobabies.ie    Phone:  087 786 7205

Areas served: Dublin. Based in Dublin City Centre

Online Consults: No


Ciara Barron Babywearing Southeast

Email: Ciarabarronbabywearing@gmail.com    Phone: 087 964 3495

Areas served: Wexford, East Waterford, South Kilkenny. Based in New Ross, Co. Wexford

Online Consults: Yes


Alice Chau – Little Peanuts  

Email: alice@littlepeanuts.ie    Phone: 087 319 8534

Areas served: Greater Dublin Area. Based in Dublin City Centre

Online Consults: Yes


Rachel Nugent – Little Ones Baby Classes   

Email: Littleonesbabymassage@gmail.com    Phone: 086 336 9948

Areas Served: East Meath, North County Dublin, Drogheda, Louth, and surrounding areas. Based in Laytown, Co. Meath

Online Consults: No


Tricia Nugent – Snugglebugs  

Email: Info@snugglebugs.ie    Phone: 087 998 1367

Areas Served: Greater Dublin Area, parts of Kildare, Wicklow, and Meath. Based in Dublin 24

Online Consults: No


Gillian O’Neill – Mummy Hub    

Email: info@mummyhub.ie    Phone: 087 779 1390

Areas Served: Wexford and Wicklow. Based in Riverchapel, Co. Wexford

Online Consults: Yes


Abina Sheridan – Leanbh Babywearing   

Email: info@leanbhbabywearing.ie   Phone: 087 292 7841

Areas Served: Greater Dublin Area, Kildare, Meath, and Wicklow. Based in Swords, Co. Dublin

Online Consults: Yes



Olwen Rowe –  Born to Be Carried  

Email: babywearingmother@gmail.com    Phone: 087 698 2493

Areas Served: Co. Galway and Surrounding Areas. Based in Galway City

Online Consults: Yes



Kim Croshaw  

Email: mograalways@gmail.com    Phone: 087 707 7120

Areas Served: All of Munster. Based in Listowel, Co. Kerry

Online Consults: Yes