Babywearing has been the only mean to carry one’s child for millennium…until the invention of a pram or buggy. Research has found that baby in slings cry less, learn more, have better motoring skill earlier and have better bonding with mother and father. To be honest, we just find it extremely handy to navigate the city. You do our grocery shopping, go for walks, take public transport, go on holiday, even vinyl shopping! I was born in Hong Kong where babywearing was the norm growing up, I did back carry since I was a little girl! When I became a mother, wearing my baby is a natural option for me. Then I realise that’s not the norm in the western world! I am a trained Trageschule UK Certification Level Babywearing Consultant. I am passionate to help normalize babywearing to the western world. I am also a birth and postpartum doula.


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Phone: 087 3198534
Email: alice@littlepeanuts.ie
Website: http://www.littlepeanuts.ie

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