Sling Library

The Babywearing Ireland (BWI) Sling Library consists of the big National Library and some smaller local libraries in various parts of the country.

At BWI we are passionate about how slings can promote and support bonding between parent and child. We believe that a good sling is an invaluable tool for anyone caring for a baby or young child. The local and national sling libraries allow us to support parents in finding a good sling that works for them.


BWI National Sling Library

The BWI National Sling Library holds many different types of slings from all over the world to help you decide which sling would best suit you and your baby. 

BWI regularly brings a broad range of slings from the National Sling Library to events all over the country. You can also borrow slings from our National Sling Library and try it out for a couple of weeks before buying one yourself. There is a small charge for borrowing which is used to cover postage and also to assist running the library and acquiring new slings when they are needed.

To arrange to borrow slings from the library, please fill out the Sling Library form
You will also find more information about the lending process in this form.

BWI Local Sling Libraries


In response to demand, a few experienced members of BWI have been setting up and running small local sling libraries all over the country. Some of these small sling libraries are for demonstration purposes, while other local groups are now in a position to hire out a small selection of slings for short periods. If you are looking for a local BWI Sling Library please see the list in the sling meeting section.

What Slings do the National and Local Libraries Carry?

The BWI National Sling Library is a unique entity. No other singular country-wide sling library exists in the world! There are approximately 150 slings currently in the National Library, with various brands of stretchy wrap, woven wrap, ring sling, mei tai, soft structured carrier (SSC) and pouches. BWI is always working hard to keep the selection of slings in the BWI National Sling Library up-to-date. The fees earned from renting slings are reinvested in the library so that we can respond to demand for various carriers. We only carry slings that are currently available. Each local library has a small range of slings, including a sling from each of the six categories listed above.

At BWI we believe that all babywearing can be emotionally and psychologically beneficial for parents and children. Additionally, one of the central aims of BWI is to advocate for physiologically appropriate slings. In the BWI National and Local Sling Libraries you will find slings that support babies in a seated squat position, ideally with good support from knee-to-knee. The slings we have offer good support for a baby’s developing spine and neck and they also allow the adult using a sling to distribute the weight of the baby evenly across their body. All slings in our National and Local Libraries can be used in accordance with the TICKS safety guidelines.

History of BWI National Sling Library

One of the ideals of Attachment Parenting (AP) is the concept of babywearing, i.e. carrying your baby around in your arms or in a sling. An Attachment Parenting EU Ireland Sling Library was started up by Dr. Kate Byrne in 2006 in order to have a sling fashion show at the International AP conference held in Ireland in May of that year. Many vendors from around the globe sent slings to be shown off; which we did and had a great time.

The slings remained here in Ireland, and Kate started using them as a national library for parents in Ireland to try slings out before they buy them. The slings collected by Kate now belong to Babywearing Ireland, which has been running and expanding the library for a number of years now. In addition to a National Sling Library, small demo sets were set up all around the country, so experienced parents could show different types of slings to parents interested in babywearing. These have now become part of BWI Local Sling Libraries.

Babywearing Ireland is a not-for-profit support organisation. We are very grateful to manufacturers and vendors who support our library through donations or reduced price slings. BWI does not sell slings and does not endorse any products. Our library service is for everyone to use.