Babywearing Ireland Committee


The Babywearing Ireland management team is made up of volunteers. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help promote Babywearing Ireland. We are particularly keen to see new members in areas of Ireland that are not currently represented by our team, so please volunteer to organise a Sling Meet in your area!


Name: Karen Mc`Kevitt

Location: Dublin

Role: Chair

Karen McKevitt is the incoming Chair of BWI. Karen a mum of two, runs a monthly sling meet in Clondalkin.

Karen says "In 2014, we saw a huge expansion of local sling libraries, bringing babywearing to a much bigger audience, and a large number of volunteers joined the network. Over the past few months, I have really enjoyed getting to know the workings of BWI from behind the scenes. I have high hopes that 2016 will be full of more great achievements for the Organisation!"




Name: Sinead O'Higgins

Location: Waterford

Role: PR

Sinead O'Higgins is the PR Officer for Babywearing Ireland. She is looking forward to spreading the babywearing love during during 2015. Sinead says “Before I discovered BWI I had no idea I could carry my baby beyond a few months. I just love the closeness carrying my daughter brings and how easy it is to get around”.

Sinead, a mum of two girls lives by the sea in County Waterford. You can get in touch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Name: Nicola O’Dwyer Kirwan

Location: Limerick

Role: Sling meeting and sling librarian rep.

Nicola O’Dwyer Kirwan is our Volunteer Coordinator and is the first point of contact for people interested in volunteering with Babywearing Ireland.

Nicola also runs the monthly Limerick sling meet. Mum of Aoife (4) and Eoghan (2) Nicola is expecting her third and is looking forward to wrapping a newborn again.

Name: Willemein Koelink

Location: Dublin

Role: Website & Marketing

Willemein Koelink joined the committee in 2015 and is looking forward to developing the BWI website and looking after marketing.

“I’m really excited about my new role in Babywearing Ireland and with my professional experience in on and offline marketing. I really hope that I can reach a lot of people, share my passion for babywearing and promoting the ideals of Babywearing Ireland”.

“Wearing my baby is probably the best thing that could have happened to me when I had my baby, I'd like new moms and dads to be able to enjoy babywearing as much as I have”.

Name: Tania Lawlor

Location: Kerry

Roles: National Librarian

Tania Lawlor, mum of four runs the National Library and has been the first point of contact for hundreds of new babywearers. Last year the library rented over 1000 slings.

Tania says, “I started babywearing with my second baby, and quickly realised how handy a sling can be. My toddler was a runner, but I could easily chase after him while keeping my baby safe and close to me. What started as a useful way to carry my baby quickly turned into a passion.”

Tania lives next to the beautiful Banna beach in Kerry and loves to relax by taking a stroll by the sea.

Name: Kara Spratt

Location: Cork

Roles: Membership Secretary

Kara Spratt is the BWI Membership Secretary and is the first point of contact for membership queries.

Kara is a mother to three wonderful carried babies. Kara says “I am so proud to be a member of an organisation with love and support of parents and babies at its heart.”

Name: Anja Alt

Location: Dublin

Roles: Secretary

Anja Alt is our BWI Secretary, as well as keeping us organised she runs monthly sling meets in Dublin City Centre. Anja has been part of Babywearing Ireland from the start and has helped hundreds of parents to carry their babies. Anja is one of the most well known BWI members.She is into knitting socks and reading independent books online. Her daughter is now nine years old.

You can contact Anja with general queries on admin@babywearingireland.i e

Name: Kirstie Affleck

Location: Cork

Roles: Treasurer

Kirstie Affleck is the BWI Treasurer. Kirstie, mum to three girls lives on a remote island off West Cork.

When not doing BWI book-keeping she is an avid knitter and rare breed sheep farmer.

Name: Claire Haugh

Location: Co. Meath

Roles: Insurance & Organisation Development

Claire Haugh joined the committee in 2015 and will be looking after Insurance and Organisation Development for BWI. She also runs a month sling meet in Clonee, Meath.

Claire, a mum of two boys and a bump is also a keen amateur geologist and can trace her family back over 200 years!

Name: Tricia Nugent O'Connor

Location: Co. Kildare

Roles: Fundraising Coordinator

Tricia Nugent O'Connor, our Fundraising Coordinator has the massive task of organising BWI's 'Wear A Hug' Fair. The annual Fair has grown in popularity and is an eagerly anticipated date in the Irish babywearing calendar. It is now Ireland’s largest gathering of babywearers with over 1000 attending last year.

Mum of three children under 3 1/2 Tricia Nugent O’Connor explains how useful babywearing can be for a busy parent: “With three children under four I can keep my newborn close and still have both hands free to tend to the needs of my older two. Today slings come in all shapes and sizes with everything from stretchy or woven wraps, ring slings, mei tais and buckles available to parents and carers”.

Tricia loves making (and eating) cakes and chutneys.