Babywearing Ireland Committee


The Babywearing Ireland management team is made up of volunteers. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help promote Babywearing Ireland. We are particularly keen to see new members in areas of Ireland that are not currently represented by our team, so please volunteer to organise a Sling Meet in your area!








Name: Sinead

Location: Waterford

Roles: PR

Name: Lynda


Location: Dublin

Roles: Homepage Maintenance and Advertising


Name: Nicola


Roles: Librarian representative

Name: Olwen

Location: Galway

Roles: Insurance and Volunteer Coordination

Name: Tania


Location: Kerry

Roles: National Librarian

Name: Kara Spratt


Roles: Membership Secretary

Name: Anja


Location: Dublin


Roles: Secretary


Name: Kirsty

Location: Cape Clear

Roles: Treasurer