We share current news from the Babywearing World, Babywearing Events, up-to-date information about Babywearing and more on our facebook page. You can also post questions or requests on this page. We also have a Facebook group you are welcome to join to chat about slings and ask any questions.


Sling Meets


We organise a number of Sling Meets around Ireland on a regular basis. A Sling Meet is an informal gathering of Babywearers (and those interested in Babywearing) to have a chat, try on different baby carriers, learn about different carriers types, perfect their babywearing skills, and generally enjoy themselves. You will find our members welcoming and eager to help. Details of upcoming Sling Meetings are posted on our Facebook page.

Sling Library

There is a huge number of baby carriers available to buy and choosing the one that works best for you and your child can be quite overwhelming. Our National and Local Sling Libraries offer an opportunity to try several slings for a period of time to find the one that is most suitable for your situation. For more information about our Sling Libraries and rental procedure, please click here.


Babywearing Ireland can be contacted to attend group meetings such as parent and child groups, baby massage classes, pregnancy yoga classes etc. in order to provide demonstrations of the various types of carriers available and inform about safe babywearing. Please refer to our list of Local Sling Libraries or contact us to inquire about the possibility of a demonstration.

Babywearing Consultants

There are a number of independent Babywearing Consultants in Ireland who are available for private Sling Classes. To find a Consultant near you, please refer to our Consultants page.