We bought a carrier for my first son but I wore it once as it wasn’t comfortable on my back but the joy as he slept away while we enjoyed an exhibition. Dad wore him more than me and they have a wonderful bond. He really enjoyed wearing him.

We started our baby wearing on my second son to free up my hands to cook and have fun together with his big brother. We bought our ring sling and I still remember the day we breast fed in it while grocery shopping to soothe him! I was just soo delighted with myself and the lovely staff packed my bags too so I felt in mummy heaven.

patricia flynnWe moved onto a Mei tai and soft structured carrier – both were on loan but we soon realised they were a must in our busy lives. Playschool run with taking buggy in and out of the car was causing worse pain on my pelvis. My spd doesn’t clear til months after I breast feed so each step pushing and the heavy buggy was grinding pain for me.

I started using the buggy less and less after a wind gust took buggy with baby across a busy car park into an oncoming car! My son had a lucky escape.
Our first family holiday of four was for my sons 1st birthday we climbed to beaches that no buggy could reach and explored the castles of Donegal.
After alot of trying carriers from the local Babywearing Ireland library that Summer and a wild toddler meant we bought our Boba 3G and it was wonderful for long walks and hiking.

Now at over 2 he chats in my ear as he’s tired from our long day out in our carrier. We found the love of wraps which makes him feel soo close to me and safe from busy traffic while travelling to the city. We’ve travelled all modes of transport much easier than our life was with our buggy.
I’m delighted I was introduced to this amazing way of being soo close to my son and can hold my older sons hand – we feel connected as we walk and chat about our day.

Now as he’s on my back he wraps his chubby little arms around my neck and says “ove mamma” the words every mammy loves to hear.
I hope some day my boys will carry their children close to their hearts with my soo much love and closeness as I feel for them.