Babywearing Ireland – supporting babywearing in Ireland

Babywearing Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation providing information and support to anyone using or interested in baby carriers and slings. We are a voluntary, community based organisation and offer a number of services such as Sling Meets &  Sling Libraries.

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Sling Meets & Libraries

A Sling Meet is an informal gathering of Babywearers (and those interested in Babywearing) to have a chat, try on different baby carriers, learn about different carriers types, perfect their babywearing skills, and generally enjoy themselves. Read more …

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The National Sling Library

Our National and Local Sling Libraries offer an opportunity to try several slings for a period of time to find the one that is most suitable for your situation. Read more …

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Sling Consultants

There are a number of independent Babywearing Consultants in Ireland who are available for private Sling Classes. All Babywearing Consultants listed here are Trageschule or Slingababy trained. Read more …

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Sling Retailers

We believe it is important to try before you buy. Slings and carriers are a real personal thing but once you are ready to purchase a sling or carrier – we have listed  the Irish stockists that only stock ergonomic carriers and slings. Read more …

”Babywearing is the practice of carrying your baby or toddler close to you in a ergonomically position using a sling or baby carrier. ” – Claire, Chairperson of BWI

Benefits of Babywearing

It is not just practical, it also promotes healthy development of your baby and promotes bonding between you and your child. We believe it brings joy & happiness to every family on various levels. We encourage the use of ergonomic carriers and correct physiological positioning in slings.
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